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About Me

Hi, welcome to This site is aimed at helping you choose a pair of running shoes .

About Me

I started running when I was at school. But in my working life I joined a club called the Hash House Harriers.

I discovered the club while I was working in Bahrain, but there are many branches all around the world usually in major cities. I have managed to run in quite a few different countries with these clubs and enjoyed my time meeting the locals and obtaining first hand information of what to see in these cities. It’s a great way to see the cities or towns that you are visiting as you will go to places that no tourist would ever see.

If you want to learn more about the Hash House Harriers club and its origins <click here>


This site is a review of different running shoes

What I would like to achieve with this site is to help you to choose your running shoes by writing a review of my favorite shoes, so you are aware of the different types available.

Please remember, the shoes you choose will be personal to yourself, as every body has different shaped feet and my choice of shoe might not suit your style of running.

All the best,





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