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NIKE Women’s Air Zoom Span

The NIKE Women’s Air Zoom Span has been available since 2014 and has been a very popular shoe for a lot of customers.


A lot of customers really liked the NIKE Air Zoom Span, they said that the shoe was very lightweight and liked the style and design of the shoe.

There are eight different colour schemes for this shoe, very much liked by the customers.

It was also reported that the shoe was great for speedy running sessions and for general workouts.

The Air Zoom Span has very good cushioning and has a flexible forefoot and great stability. The grip on the sole is excellent too.

It is a very affordable shoe and is great value for the money.


It was noted that the NIKE Air Zoom Span was a bit wide even though the only available width is medium. A shortfall on NIKE’s part.

Bottom Line

Overall the Air Zoom Span is great value for money.

The look of the shoe and its overall performance on the road, has made this shoe a very successful offering from NIKE.

If you have anything to add about the Air Zoom Span shoes, please leave a comment below. Or you can buy them at, just click here.






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