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NIKE Women’s Flex Contact

These Nike Flex Contact shoes provides balanced cushioning with a soft foam insole. Hot-knife cuts on the outsole adapt to your every step.


These shoes are incredibly comfortable. They fit very well and provide support for all areas of the feet. 

They are ideal for people who run moderate distances (3-5 miles a day), as well as people who do CrossFit and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). 

They are light weight, which also makes them very breathable. While they are light weight, they are also quite durable.

They have an ideal amount of traction for running and CrossFit. They are also an ideal walking shoe or everyday sneaker. They are also great for college students walking around campus.

These shoes make exercise more enjoyable, because they provide great support for your feet, which helps to alleviate other pains (such as neck and back pains) that may result from ill-fitting shoes.

One of the best perks of these shoes is the price tag. They are relatively cheap when compared to other Nikes and still provide the great support that is typical of the brand.


Runs on the small side. Go up one half a size and you will be comfortable

Bottom Line

A very comfortable shoe. It’s a great for daily training and or long casual walks. A resonable price and a very durable shoe.

If you have anything to add about the Flex Experience RN 6 shoes, please leave a comment below. Or you can buy them at, just click here.


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