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NIKE Women’s Flex Experience RN 6

The NIKE women’s Flex Experience RN 6 is really a road running shoe. It is a lightweight, flexible shoe with a sock like feel.



The Flex Experience RN 6 is a very comfortable shoe and is lighter than the previous versions.

The shoes can be used for running, but also look good as a casual shoe.

The mesh upper gives the shoe excellent breathing with great flexibility and the traction is very good on wet pavements.

A very affordable shoe and great value for money.


The cushioning is a little stiff. And the sizes run a little small.

Bottom Line

The Flex Experience RN 6 is a very comfortable shoe which is lighter than most other shoes.

The shoe gives good flexibility and support. It also has great traction in the wet.

The reasonable price range makes it an excellent choice for a runner or a casual shoe.

If you have anything to add about the Flex Experience RN 6 shoes, please leave a comment below. Or you can buy them at, just click here.





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