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NIKE Women’s Revolution 3

The NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 is a good choice of shoe for regular training runs. Or if you just want to walk to work everyday.




The feedback from all customers was that the Revolution 3 shoe is the ‘most comfortable’ shoes they had ever run in. They are a great fit with a lot of stability.

The breathable upper mesh helped keep their feet cool and dry while running.

People with wide feet found the toe-box to be very spacious and excellent for their feet.

The look of the NIKE Revolution 3 was liked by the consumers, especially the colour choices and the NIKE Swoosh on the side.


The shoe lacks arch support for high arched feet.

Also the insole cannot be removed if you want to put in orthotics.

Bottom Line

A good choice of shoe for regular runs. The Revolution 3 is loved by everyone and is a good buy, even for non runners.

The colour choices are unbelievable with around 40 different colours and shades.

If you have anything to add about the Revolution 3 shoes, please leave a comment below. Or you can buy them at, just click here.


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