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  • Find the Right Running Shoe for your Foot

    Here I’m going to help you to find the right running shoe for your foot. Everyone’s feet are different. In shape, size, arch height, width and toe shape. Improper shoe sizing is the primary cause of ingrown toenails, bunions, corns or hammer toes.  Shoes that don’t fit your feet correctly can also lead to imbalances…

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  • NIKE Running Shoes for Women

    I’ve gathered together here, the best NIKE running shoes for women. I’ve reviewed each pair and put together the pro’s and con’s for each model. The reviews are based on customer feedback of actual purchasers of the shoes. NIKE Women’s Downshifter 7 The NIKE downshifter 7 has a Lace-up closure, plush tongue and collar, molded foam…

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  • NIKE Running Shoes for Men

    In this section I have grouped together reviews of NIKE running shoes for men. NIKE is probably the best known brand in running shoes with the highest revenue in its field. It originally started by university graduate who was on the track team at university in Oregon. The graduate was Philip H. Knight who went for…

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  • Running Shoes by Brand

    Here is a list of running shoes by brand. This is not the be all and end all of the makes of running shoes, but these are the most popular. NIKE has been ranked as the highest seller for the last ten years, by a long way. ADIDAS has been trying to catch up with…

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  • Onitsuka Tiger Running Shoes for Women

    Onitsuka Tiger has been a brand name since 1949. The company was started by a Mr Kihachiro Onitsuka in Japan after the second world war. Onitsuka Tiger running shoes were inspired to create the idea that sport had the power to transform lives. The moto that was used was a Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore…

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  • Best Running Shoes Women

    I’ve gathered together the best rated running shoes for women. In total I’ve chosen six. There are a variety of styles and makes to look at. The thing is the shoes you will wear are personal to you, your running or walking styles and what you will be using the shoes for. So have a…

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  • Best Running Shoes Men

    Today I’ve written a review on the best quality running shoes for men. I’ve reviewed comments from the owners of all these shoes and they all come highly recommended. The thing is, the shoes you will wear are personal to you, your running or walking styles and what you will be using the shoes for….

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  • About Me

    Hi, welcome to This site is aimed at helping you choose a pair of running shoes . About Me I started running when I was at school. But in my working life I joined a club called the Hash House Harriers. I discovered the club while I was working in Bahrain, but there are…

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